Hand and Glove

Hand and Glove


Every morning, just as I do wake 

At the end of my bed, I feel a gentle shake 

I dare not raise my eyes, for I know what's soon to come

Fur tongue and slobber, come to wake his dad and mum


So finally I roll over, and with a single leap

Comes the wrecking ball of lovin, that woke me from my sleep

You don't want me for money or a fancy car

For in you eye's, I know that I'm a bloody star


We rumble for a while and mum gets out of bed 

You jump'n thrash and wrestle, while smoosh you big fat head

Yeah mum's made some brecky , so bugger poor old dad 

Play can wait for later, there's bacon to be had


Guts have attended, it's time now for a walk

You're a smart little bugger, how I wish that you could talk

Down the road we go, at a fair old clip

Yard mad ankle biters , though fences give you lip


Return near exhausted, felling buggered from the day

Bugger me you've got the ball, you want more fun and play

I throw the ball for hours, tug and play fight

You won't let that pull thing go and pull with all your might.


You give yourself so freely your friendship, joy and love

No matter what I do you fit like hand and glove

Your breeding makes Stafford an that may seal your fate

That matter naught to me because you're my bloody mate.



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